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Asama brand

This mark is a design Showing Mt.Asama which is a symbol of Nagano Prefecture where Takeharu Takei, the founder of this company, was born.
This is now a registered trade mark of the company.



Be sure to carry out maintenance of the safety valve after installation. Determine the maintenance cycle according to the condition(environment)in which the safety valve is installed and applicable legal regulations. Negligence of maintenance may cause malfunction of the safety valve.
The performance can be guaranteed only when the maintenance including disassembly and inspection is made.


Cautions for Installation of Safety Valves

Pay attention to the following points during installation of the safety valve :

Install the safety valve in a vertical condition.
Eliminate dust(including fine dust, such as metal powder, etc.)in the piping as much as possible. The safety valve may contain such dust in the seat when activated, resulting in leakage from this seat.
When carrying out piping on the outlet side, be sure to use the piping inside diameter(bore)larger than the inlet diameter Never apply unreasonable force.
Minimize the pressure loss to the safety valve inlet. (The target must be 3% or less of the set pressure.)
Install the safety valve as near as possible to a bessel which should be protected with this valve.
Never apply a spanner to a position other than specified. Always apply the spanner only to a hexagonal(or a flattened)portion of the main body. If the spanner is applied to other portions and the screw becomes loose, the opening pressure of the safety valve may change.



We have performed all processes related to the manufacture and sales of the safety valve under extremely severe quality control. Should any trouble occur, we would take the measures described below.

1. Guarantee period
The guarantee period will be 12 months after installation of the product, but limited to 18 months after delivery.

2. Scope of guarantee
If the trouble attributable to our responsibility occurs within the above guarantee period, the repair or delivery of a substitute will be made free of charges. The followings will be excluded from the scope of guarantee :

1. Leakage from the seat or trouble caused by dust in the facilities including piping
2. Trouble caused by use of the product beyond the design range
3. Trouble caused by natural disasters including earthquake, fire and flood damage
4. Trouble caused by disassembly, repair and reconstruction by unauthorized personnel
5. Trouble caused by inappropriate handling, installation and usage
6. Trouble caused by wear, corrosion or degradation of parts which we have already Informed beforehand at a time of order acceptance
7. Trouble which is considered not to be our responsibility