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TAKEI COMPANY Introduction Video

Introductory video about TAKEI Company. Since our founding in 1937, we have nurtured people, contributed to society, established our own product called Asama brand, and have gained high trust from our customers.

Asama brand

This mark is a design Showing Mt.Asama which is a symbol of Nagano Prefecture where Takeharu Takei, the founder of this company, was born.
This is now a registered trade mark of the company.

What is Asama Safety Valve?

Safety Valves are installed in pressure vessels and piping at industrial complexes and high-pressure gas plants, and play an important role in releasing gas safely when abnormal gas pressure rises and preventing explosions.

Operating as a manufacturer specializing in safety valves for high-pressure gas, Takei Company Limited provides high-quality products to the Japanese market and to clients in numerous countries around the world.
The cornerstone of our success lies in the pursuit of more advanced production technologies for use in integrated manufacturing that we have been carrying out since our founding.
Recognized for its exceptional level of production technology, our product brand Asama is highly trusted by domestic and overseas industrial complexes and pressurized gas manufacturing facilities, as well as other clients that contribute to society across a wide range of fields.
Our management philosophy—From today to tomorrow—exhorts us to value our clients, adore our employees, make contributions to society, and push forward with sound, meaningful business activities from one day to the next in order to cultivate a better tomorrow for people and the Earth.
This is based on the notion that a company can only grow when it is committed to delivering products and after-purchase services that are to the satisfaction of its clients, as well as to making contributions to society and ensuring the material and emotional richness of its workforce.
As a manufacturer specializing in safety valves for high-pressure gas, we believe that our philosophy is understood and embraced by everyone in a way that accounts for the recognition of and confidence placed today in our high level of production technologies and warmly extended after-purchase services.
We intend to persist in pursuing ever-higher levels of production technologies, enhancing after-purchase services, and making societal contributions without slipping into complacency and respectfully ask for your continued guidance and encouragement.

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